Learning From Mistakes

These days, it’s hard to pass up a good deal. But paying less isn’t always a bargain. In fact, it can cost you much more in the long run. These experiences help explain why most people choose to buy their fuel from full service companies.

Mary and Michael Wieczenski

"When we first moved in, we figured we'd just shop around for the lowest price. Sure enough, we found a guy with a truck who got us the oil for less. The big problem happened on our third delivery.

"After he delivered, our burner stopped working. We still don’t know whether it was bad oil or just a coincidence, but when we called him about it, he refused to deal with us. To make matters worse, we had to call a plumber, and we were without heat for over a day."

Scott G. Schufreider

“I thought I was keeping a good eye on my tank, but we hit a cold snap and I ran low. My discount guy said he would get to me later that day. He never showed. I called in the morning, and he promised me again. When I got home from work, again no show—only this time, my heat shut off.

“I tried calling other companies, but they were all too jammed up because of the cold. We actually spent the night in a hotel and I had to take off work the next day to wait for a repairman and a delivery. When I got home, I found my pipes had burst. Besides the water damage, I had to miss more work to get things fixed.”

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