Maintaining Your System

At the very least, make sure your system receives regular maintenance so efficiency and safety are not compromised. Regular equipment maintenance will save you money on heating costs because it restores most systems to factory-fresh condition.

Even more important, annual equipment service can correct common problems, such as a misfiring burner. Proper adjustment of the air/fuel mixture for your oil burner will help save a lot of fuel.

Studies show that only 55% of U.S. homeowners have their heating equipment serviced regularly. Those that don't generally experience higher fuel bills. Heating equipment that is maintained periodically uses less fuel than units not maintained, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of heating equipment, too. This means that homeowners who get their system properly maintained may get several more years of satisfactory use from it. What's more, approximately 75% of all emergency repairs can be prevented with regular maintenance.

How long does a tune-up take?