The “New” Oil Heat: Clean and Efficient

Most people are not aware that oil heat has changed radically over the past 30 years. As a consumer who heats your home with oil, you should know the facts, not the fiction, about your heating fuel.

Today's s oil heat is so clean and efficient thanks to major improvements in equipment. These have resulted in systems that burn 95% cleaner than before and high-efficiency furnaces and boilers that use substantially less oil (about 500 fewer gallons per year per household compared with systems used in the 1970s).

Another significant change has been the virtual elimination of air polluting particulate matter (soot). If you have recently installed a new oil heating system in your home, you already know you don't have any soot, dirt or odors to deal with.

New oil heat equipment also features “smart controls” that minimize on-and-off cycling, i.e., when a system keeps turning on and off. This reduces fuel consumption, wear on parts, flue emissions, electrical use and fuel bills.

What's ahead for oil heat?