Oil-Powered Hot Water

Oil heat's ability to produce a reliable, inexpensive supply of domestic hot water is one of its strongest features. Although an oil-fired water heater may cost a little more to install up front, its efficiency in heating water means extremely low operating costs over the life of the unit.

Oil-fired water heaters have high recovery rates, which means they can heat large amounts of water quickly. A water heater's recovery rate is the amount of water whose temperature the unit can raise by 100 in one hour. For example, if it can increase the temperature of 40 gallons of water by 100 in an hour, the unit has a 40-gallon recovery rate. Oil-fired water heaters have recovery rates as high as 120 gallons per hour.

Homeowners can contact an oil dealer to find out which water heating option is best for their home and family. The oil company can work with them to make sure the water heater they choose has a sufficient recovery rate for their needs.

An oil dealer can help homeowners with another choice too, because oil-fired water heating systems come in two categories: direct and indirect.